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School Uniform

School uniform requirements for our school.

 The Department for Education (DfE) strongly encourages schools to have a school uniform. This policy sets out the school’s policy and approach on uniform and confirms the school’s commitment to providing value for money to parents and ensuring that no pupil is discriminated against due to their gender, disability, religion or belief, economic circumstances or social and cultural background.

The school uniform helps ensure that pupils of all races and backgrounds feel welcome. It helps to protect children from social pressures to dress in a particular way; and nurtures cohesion, promoting good relations between different groups of pupils. Above all, the school uniform supports effective teaching and learning.

This policy follows the DfE statutory guidance ‘Cost of school uniforms’, published 19 November 2021.

School uniform is worn at Our Lady Queen of Peace. The reasons for this are:

  • it promotes a sense of pride in the school in line with our ethos;
  • it gives a sense of identity and belonging towards the school community
  • supports positive behaviour and discipline
  • is practical, affordable and smart
  • makes students feel equal and encourages cohesion
  • has been designed with health and safety in mind


Uniform table key

  • O / R – Optional or required uniform item.
  • B / G – Branded item required or generic (e.g. supermarket) alternative will be accepted.
  • Season Specific – (N) Can be worn in all seasons.


ItemO / RB / GSeason Specific
Royal blue sweatshirt (with school logo – optional)ReitherN
Gold polo shirt with school logoReitherN
Grey shorts or long trousers or skirt RGenericN
Blue and white check dressOGenericSummer

Please note: Skirts should be around knee length.

P.E Uniform

ItemO / RB / GSeason Specific
Royal blue t-shirt and shorts (with logo – optional)ReitherN
Royal blue hoodie (with logo – optional)ReitherN
Grey joggers (with logo – optional)ReitherN

Sweatshirts, polo shirts P.E. uniform all with the school badge are available from our approved outfitter, The School Outfit, Crowther Industrial Estate, Washington and online at the link below.

Swimming Uniform

ItemO / RB / GSeason Specific
Single piece swimming costume. No bikinisRGenericN
Lycra trunks or shortsRGenericN
Swimming cap RGenericN


On health and safety grounds, we do not allow children to wear jewellery in our school, except for wrist watches (which must be removed during PE lessons). 

Please note Smart Watches or fitness watches (Fitbits) are not permitted. 

If you wish to have your child’s ears pierced then we ask that you do so at the beginning of the summer holidays to ensure that by the start of the Autumn term there is no need for earrings to be worn.


It is again strongly recommended that all pupils wear ‘sensible’ black shoes for school. Trainers may be worn during breaktimes. Plimsolls or indoor trainers should be worn for PE in the Hall. Outdoor trainers should be worn for PE lessons. In poor wintery conditions children may wish to bring a change of shoes. Outdoor shoes can then be worn walking to and from school and playing on the field at breaktimes, indoor shoes will then be worn in the classrooms. Outdoor shoes/trainers must be kept in a separate labelled carrier bag.

Hair Styles

We expect children to avoid extremes of fashion in uniform and appearance, particularly with regard to hairstyle. For example coloured hair and extremely short cut or shaven heads (including lines shaved in) are not acceptable (guidance: hair cut with clippers on a setting lower than a 2 is too short).


Children are not to wear make-up including lip gloss, nail varnish or transfer tattoos for school. If such items have been forgotten to be removed, make-up wipes and nail varnish pads for sensitive skin will be available from the school office. Your child will be asked to remove their make-up, nail varnish or tattoos. Fake tan, gel nails, acrylic nails and nail extensions are not permitted.

Vaseline and Chapstick, however, is permitted especially in the cold weather.

In choosing a school that promotes school uniform, the governors assume that parents will support all staff when they enforce this policy.

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Updated | 14th September, 2023 |

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